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Hey Ron,
Just got back from my dealer..Photo's attached...They are sweet! (26-400 purchase June 2012)
Thanks again,
The saying goes; “If momma is happy then everyone is happy” is so true. The non-adjustable passenger boards I put on our RT have made my wife so happy. They make it easier for her to mount and dismount the bike and she now can adjust her feet to a more comfortable position when on long rides. They took less than 15 minutes to install and have given me hours of nagging free riding.

Thanks Ron for a great product,

Larry Segeleon

Virginia Beach, VA

ilium prod 
Hi Folks,
Attached to this e-mail is a picture of me at the tip of Quebec's Gaspe' Peninnsula with my boot on your OUTSTANDING under-cylinder foot peg and my hands supported by your comfortable Bar Backs.  My 3600 mile journey through Canada would not have been as enjoyable had I not received these two items before I departed. Thank you for the well designed, perfect fitting, easy to install, and rediculously functional additions to my 2009 RT.  I'll never travel without them as they were the best investment in motorcycle comfort I've ever made.   
Mark Smith, Customer for Life
Hartford, Connecticut
"As a test, the Franklin Police Department bought a set of the Ilium Works
floorboards for one of out BMW R1200 RT-P police motorcycles.  We liked them
so much, we bought them for all our motors.  The floorboards allow the
officers to move their feet around in different positions greatly increasing
comfort.  With the standard foot pegs, this is not an option.  Plus the
floorboards lowers the position of your feet decreasing the angle at your
knees,,,,,again a huge increase in comfort.
To complete the package, we installed the brake lever extender and the shift
lever entender,,,,no more struggling to find the stubby OEM levers.  The
installation was snap and the quality is superb.  I would recommend this
upgrade to any police motor unit.  It is worth the money"

Sgt. David R. Prather
Traffic Division Commander
Franklin Police Department
Franklin, TN
  • New Releases from Ilium Works


    Ilium Works Engine Guard Bar System for the R1200GSW (water cooled). These bars are made of 1" diameter heavy wall silver powder coated steel. There are 5 mounting points on each side to help absorb the load in case of impact. With these bars you have the option of mounting our highway pegs in a multiple of positions. You also have full access to the valve covers for easy maintenance.

    Also available in a Matt Black powder coat finish.

    Suggested Highway Pegs for these bars:

    19-200 for lower horizontal bar application or 27-100 for front or lower horizontal bar application.



    Ilium Works the BIG GRIPPER PEGS for R1200GS / R1200GSA 2005 - 2013 including the 2013 R1200GS WATER COOLED. These Gripper Pegs are CNC machined from 6061 billet aluminum. The BIG GRIPPER PAD is black anodize and supplied with all stainless steel hardware.
    You can have as many as 5 adjustable positions without tools from stock height to as much as
    38mm (1-1/2") down and forward.
    The BIG GRIPPER PAD with aggressive grip measures 63.5mm (2-1/2") x 98.4mm (3-7/8") and can be either adjusted to a fixed angle or to rock with as much as 20 degrees of movement.